Bass Guitar

Learning bass guitar has never been more fun than when you take bass guitar lessons at Play Music Now in Wishaw.

We have an awesome 7 book bass guitar program which is designed to turn you into a bass guitar wizard. Our program has been tried and tested over the past 5 years and provides consistent, dependable results in a fun way.

As a member of our bass guitar program you will receive the very best bass guitar tuition every single week at the custom fitted bass guitar studio in our centre with our bass guitar teacher David. You will also join your very own band and play popular music on the last Saturday of each month in front of a live audience.

The bass guitar program is exciting, fun and rewarding and is designed to ensure that you are a happy, confident and expressive bass guitar player who brings that low, funky throb that we know and love. The bass guitar is a super cool instrument with an awesome sound and when you combine it with our awesome program you are set to succeed.

Contact us today on 01698 352469 to book your free keyboard lesson in Wishaw.



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